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Is your business heading in the right direction?
*73% of all high performance organizations excel at managing change.
*IBM study based on face-to-face conversations with more than 1700 CEO's in 64 countries.

noun [U] /ˈpræɡ.mə.tɪ.zəm/

The quality of dealing with a problem in a sensible way that suits the conditions that really exist, rather than following fixed theories, ideas or rules.

Inukshuk's history, vision, mission and values


My name is Peter Pukitis, I am one of the founding partners of Inukshuk.

In the past, my partners and I lead transformational change initiatives and specialized in helping local and international organizations achieve their strategic and tactical objectives on a project basis. We still provide advice and help clients to develop business agility, manage change, and improve business performance. The difference, is that now we teach our clients to do it for themselves.

Inukshuk was founded by trusted advisors from some of the world's top business consulting firms with deep expertise in high performance organizational design, executive coaching and leadership training. We continue to have great relationships and often work alongside consultancies like IBM, KPMG, McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Deloitte.

We have woven the catalysts, triggers and inspiration for creating Inukshuk throughout the content of the website and hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing, Truth be told, our primary motivator remains a passion for sharing experiences, lessons learned and the unwavering belief that change management is not a work stream - it's a management capability. That capability can be developed with the right training and that's why we created Inukshuk.

                                                                           VISION (what we want to be?)
By helping each one of our clients improve their business performance in a meaningful way, we strive to be recognized as the #1 provider of change management training curriculum.

                                                                                        MISSION (why we exist?)
To enrich the existing change management body of knowledge and elevate the profile of change management as a professional practice by conducting meaningful industry research and developing the skills, knowledge and abilities of our clients to improve business performance.

                                                            VALUES (what we believe in and how we will behave?)
1. Clients: we are in the business to serve and will apply the same quality standard to all clients whereby trust, respect and delivering value are the cornerstones of every client interaction.

2. Quality: we seek feedback and measure the performance results of our people across their key business activities. We believe the opinion that ultimately matters is that of our clients.

3. People: we attract, hire, and provide professional opportunities to grow with our company for people who demonstrate and value the following [seven] attributes - trustworthy, respectful, hardworking, passionate, intelligent, creative and demonstrate innovation.

4. Innovation: we seek to find better ways of doing things and delivering value to our clients, our people, and our industry.

Thanks for your interest,

Inukshuk Change Management mountain (left)
Inukshuk Change Management mountain (right)
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