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pay me now or pay me later?

 The FRAM oil company had a TV commercial in the 1970's that featured a mechanic who explained that a major engine overhaul could cost significantly more than a $4 oil change.  His tagline was "Pay me now, or pay me later."


Inukshuk's experiential adult learning courses are taught by executive trainers in a workshop environment that combines classroom lectures, interactive case studies, group discussions with role playing and one on one coaching. Our teachers are industry experts with high performance business backgrounds.

We treat each training engagement as a unique opportunity to advance our MISSION to develop the skills, knowledge and abilities of course attendees; and fulfill our VISION  to help clients improve their business performance in a meaningful way.


We also recognize that you will have specific training requirements, including but not limited to things like: # of participants, location, time of year and existing relationships with Inukshuk.  These factors impact the cost of training.

Participant feedback has confirmed that the learning experience is greatly enhanced when the course is conducted offsite, in an environment free from the day-to-day requirements and distractions that occur while at the office.  For that reason our standard pricing includes: all instruction, course materials, 2 nights accommodations, all meals and snacks, meeting spaces, team building activities, taxes and gratuities.

If you are thinking about change management training then please contact us to discuss your requirements including training dates, special dietary needs, venue and program customization and we will prepare a Training Engagement Proposal that is tailored to meet and exceed your expectations.  Our goal is to become recognized as the #1 provider of change management training curriculum, one customer at a time.

INCLUSION STATEMENT: We believe in inclusion by design and will make every effort to conduct Inukshuk training courses in inclusive, barrier-free environments.  Our goal is full participant access and integration in all Inukshuk meetings, events and training programs.  If you have a unique requirement (e.g. diet restriction, audio, visual, mobility) – let us know.

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